Sunday, December 24, 2017

My Story

So recent event's have brought me to this the last project i had before took hold of me an spat me out like a rotten tooth . The story began somewhere in 2010 when i met someone carrying and loving who took me heart by storm when i thought i was going to be alone for the rest of my life . Things went on fast and wild declaring our love even though we had never met and we only spoke on the phone and on messenger and we set up a meeting she was to come over to my place as we lived 400km away from each other . The only problem is she was with somebody at that time and deep down i had a feeling this would bite me in the ass some day , little did i know . To get to the story she arrived via train of course i was late to pick her up which made things even more interesting , we met we hugged and the set of in the car to my place , a friend was driving . We didn't even look at each other i thought to my self this is it she doesn't like me . We arrived home changed and got into the bed where we hugged and shared the most intense moment of my life until then we kissed , she said i rushed and we hugged even harder and fell asleep in each other arms . I loved her with all my heart and every fiber of my beings even though because of her mother who divorced her father and left an emotional and financial mess behind made the situation worse for us being together , we began not at 0 but at -50% . I strayed strong and helped as much as i can the first 2 years our relationship was long distance but we would meet every few months and i began going to her place as well . It was clear we loved each other deeply so i decided to surprise her and moved there , at first living with her and her dad . I had to make sacrifices and leave everything i knew behind and when i arrived i saw the full impact of the financial disaster her mother caused , i tried helping as much as i could i opened up a shop and used any many i could spare to help out , it wasn't enough so i closed it down and used the money to support us while i got a job . It was difficult i became a debt collector i despised that job but i loved her so much i was willing to suffer anything so she could be happy .The next few years were a blend of happiness and disaster whatever i did was never enough , the financial burden was on my shoulders. I switched jobs and started working as back office bank officer this included horrible night shifts and shifts at all hours of the day but i started to earn just enough to fulfill one of our dreams to get our own apartment . Because of the issues with her mother she had 2 un-payed loans which prevent me from buying one together . I had to take out a mortgage and find the advance money myself , my parents helped out and we soon had our own place . The whole process of getting it and furnishing it was a nightmare and we argued all the time . This is the time i noticed our relationship starting to slip , but i loved her more that anything else in my mind and i vowed to myself long ago when she was crying on my bed that she got me into problems that i will stick by her no matter what . Staying true to my word i started working harder and longer which destroyed my health in return and i was being distant and when ever she would start screaming at me that i was lazy , that i don't do anything i would just turn to my computer and try to avoid her .I still loved her but i was lost i did not know how to make things better . In parallel i helped her switch jobs , she worked for several years at a beauty boutique but i managed to get her out of her shell and she got a job at an IT company as support . Things were rough but i was determined to help her so i did , everything i knew and every supportive action i could take i did , and when i finally moved jobs again and became a contract administrator i saw the opportunity to help her again . Once again i found her a job at the same company as me we could be close even at work it was a dream come true for me and my love for her grew even more .Little did i know this was the beginning of the end . She started the job here but was soon fired it was a disaster for us and i did not know how to support us so i did what i thought might help i took out a loan to support us financially for a few months , sleeps nights of worry and trying to comfort her took a tole on me but i managed to get her another job . This was in October 2015 , in February  i had to go and have mi final university exam to get my diploma things were tense leading up to this and while i was there we argued a lot and we broke up or at least that is what i thought i was determined to come back and patch things and so i did . I came back and i told her i don't ever want to loose her and that i loved her more than anything , things got quite for another week or two and then she hit me she was moving out i got told a day before the even , i was devastated my whole life came crashing down on me , and the day came a friend helped her move most of her things and she was gone , depression started creeping in on me and despair and i was afraid i lost the thing most precious to me . A long road to getting her back started for me and somehow i think i partially did , we began seeing each other again and it was amazing up until May 2016 we were back together but still living separated . Then she told me that she wants to go visit a friend in Bucharest all of a sudden alone , this struck me as odd as i have friends over there and we could have stayed over , reluctantly i said ok even though i was dying inside that she didn't want me to come with her . I called her when she arrived there that night and she started crying that i pressure her and that i oppress her and that she wanted to do this one thing for her . I was devastated again but accepted it , she than called me in the morning telling me that her friend had a surprise for her and that she was going abroad in Bulgaria for a week all expense paid , i was more than devastated i argued with her and she told me that it is just one week and when she comes back she will do anything to make me happy again .Something kept nagging me but i tried pushing it aside , the second day she was away i was down stairs of the building i worked in smoking , the company i got her a job at was full of people i knew as they helped me to get her the job  and one of them came down also , we began to talk and she saw me a bit upset and what was wrong and i told her what happened  that my GF was now in Hungary and she didn't want me there , she instantly became white and paused a few minutes and then finally told me she isn;t there but in Jordan .It hit me like a truck and everything turned black for me i lost all notion of myself and instant depression kicked in . It suddenly hit me she was talking late at night with someone from Jordan who was a friend of a mutual friend of ours . I just lost it i started crying and calling all our friends to ask if they knew , most did .I confronted her and tried calling her and the friend she told me she was with but i only got a few messages from her one telling me we no longer have a relationship. It was the hardest week of my life i couldn't eat i lost weight when she finally came back she visited me to bring me some gifts from there , i begged her to get back together i told her she was my family and all i wan't in this life was her . She didn't want me back . I spent the next year and a half friends with her and trying to get her back , there was some moments i noticed she wanted to get closer and other she pushed me away but again i stayed true to my promise to her that i will be next to her for the rest of my life . But things weren't easy everyone noticed she was very close to the other guy , when we went shopping she would often take pictures in the dressing booth even when trying on bras which led me to believe they were for him . Well long story short this December i was told she was going to move over to him , she admitted it and told me that she waited for me 2 years . Despair kicked in but not as much i was just shocked i still love her after all of this but then came the truth . People who knew the story behind told me that she actually wanted to move there starting from this summer or maybe earlier and the fact that they are together for a long time . When she went there back in May 2016 she was alone that friend only went to Bucharest with her . So my life came crashing down one again , i was lied to this whole time and i was in fact a back up from what i think . Nevertheless i still love her but i no longer know where the truth stops and the lies begin as she insisted for almost 2 years that she want with her friend and that she did not cheat on me . Also she insists that they are friends and just beginning a relationship . Once again i am a mess but today the road to recovery begins .

This will be my last post i am sorry it has nothing to do with cooking ,  Wish you all a Merry Christmas and wonderful holidays .

Monday, July 23, 2012

Reviving the project !!!!!

So after some really hard months i am still not yet "out of the woods" as they say.Keeping that in mind i am reviving the cooking blog project with a bang.So with all the fireworks necessary i present you the new site :

It is still a work in progress , i am moving all the content from here to the new site and i will start working on new recipes soon , also i will be making reviews on cooking products and cook ware so hopefully you are all excited as i am .

See you on the new site.

Wish you all the best.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sorry for the lack of new recipes !

I would like to apologize to everyone who encountered my blog and has read it for the lack of new posts and recipes,sadly real life has gotten a hold of me for the past months as i struggle to make a living for myself.I am currently investing all my time and efforts into creating a place where i can work and maybe get some revenue in order to continue this project.I will be back with updates as soon  as i can.

As a last thing i would like to thank every viewer and all of my friends for supporting me in this project and i assure everyone i will continue it as soon as possible.

Wish you all the best,

Friday, June 3, 2011

Fried Eggplant and Courgettes ( Vinete si Dovlecei Pane )

This is a very easy and simple recipe to make,when you are in a hurry and need a fast fix.Also it is remarkable tasty for its simplicity.I recommend it as a side dish also for steaks or meat recipes.It a very characteristic summer recipe for Romania and it can be found in every corner of it as it is very tasty and savory. For this recipe you will need :

-1 Eggplant ( A medium size is perfect,make sure it is not too thick)
-1 Courgette ( Same as the eggplant not too thick to avoid seeds )
-2 Eggs
-100g of plain flour
-Juice from 1 Lemon
-A few cloves of Garlic
-Sunflower Oil

Preparation: First of all thoroughly wash the vegetables then cut them in a diagonal pattern creating 1 cm thick slices.After you have cut the vegetable rub some lemon juice on the slices as it prevents them from taking a brownish color.In the meanwhile in a bowl whisk the 2 eggs.In a plate pour the flour and mix it with the salt and pepper.In a pan put the sunflower oil and set it on a medium heat and allow it to reach a higher temperature.Take a slice of eggplant coat it in egg and then in flour ,then gently put it in the oil to fry.Make sure to flip it accordingly until it is a nice golden brown on both sides.Continue this process with all the vegetable slices.When you are done cover them in order to remain hot while you prepare the garlic sauce.For the garlic sauce crush the garlic cloves and put them in a thick cup,add salt then gently mixing add oil from time to time until it becomes a thick paste,over this paste pour a little water to make it more liquid.Pour the resulting garlic sauce all over the fried vegetables.Enjoy your meal .

Tips:This recipe is best served warm,you can call it a warm salad if you like and can be used as a side dish also,although it is delicious by its self.

Wish you all the best.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stinging Nettle Dish ( Mancarica de Urzici )

Well with the coming of spring i thought something with a very vibrant and fresh feel to it would do for the new recipe that i was going to post.After discussing with my good friend Alina it turns out a stinging nettle dish was just the thing.I provided the recipe and she provided the pictures to get the things rolling.So today i am going to present a rather unique and querky recipe.For this recipe you will need :

-2 Bunches of very fresh and very young Stinging Nettle( when they are this young they don't actually sting)
-1 Small Onion
-2 Garlic Cloves
-1 Tablespoon of Sunflower Oil
-1 Teaspoon of Flour
-50 ml of Milk
-300g of Cornflour ( For a "Mamaliguta" )
-1 liter of Water

Preparation:First of all divide the stinging nettles and wash them thoroughly to remove any other plants and dust gathered on them.In a pot put the water with a bit of salt and let it to boil.When it is starting to boil dump the stinging nettles in and let them soften up for 2-3 minutes or until they change color.After this remove them and place them on a chopping board and chop them up as fine as you like.Take out a frying pan and place the oil inside it,then add the chopped onion and just sweat it a bit.When the onion is transparent add the chopped stinging nettles and fry them for a bit.When they begin to really soften up and go into a pasty mixture add the chopped garlic,pepper and the teaspoon of flour.Let it cook for a few minutes then add the milk and cook for 4-5 more minutes.Separately from the cornflower and some water make a "mamaliguta" (polenta) .Serve hot with a little bit of vinegar mixed in.Enjoy your meal.

Tip: The water in which you blanched the stinging nettles will change color due to the content of iron in them.Also to make it completely vegetarian remove the milk and add a bit of soy milk or water.

Wish you all the best.

Pictures Courtasy of Alina.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Start Cooking! Episode Three.

So in earlier articles we discussed how important it is to start of with easy recipes and move up from there.Now what does a recipe imply.Usually recipes are made by people who have trialed and tested them and came to the conclusion that this works best,well yes and no.Yes because they have a good base to start of with and no because we all have a personal taste and look for some things in a quality meal for us.So what i want you to know is that a recipe is a guide line,it doesn't restrict you to go "by the book" who ever says that is an idiot and has no sense of self or any personal opinions.So feel free to adjust everything to your liking,explore new tastes and new ingredients to the recipe and above all don't be afraid to fail and start over again.What happens when you fail is that you learn an important lesson and you incorporate this lesson into future events,in our case into future recipes and meals.So you perfect a thing by trying it out many times.Another thing is we don't eat just with our mouth,we do it with our nose and eyes too.Let me explain first thing you do when you eat something is feel the smell of things.Smells good you like it you wanna try it.then you see it ,the colors the way it looks and you go ohh that's so wonderful.So before you actual eat it you have sampled it two times already and determined in your mind that it is tasty.So smell the food you are cooking ,taste many times over in the whole process of cooking and in the end make it look pretty,don't try to outdo yourself just don't be sloppy.So you have what it takes to present your food in an appealing way.Next we will be going further and deeper into this .

Wish you all the best.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fish Soup ( Ciorba de peste )

It is a known fact every summer there is a mass exodus in population from the cities.Where do they go ? To the sea of course every Romanian has this in mind in the summer time ,even if its for a night or two they must visit the sea.But hey what if we can mix visiting the sea with some sight seeing of forests and a huge river,ahh yes of course the Danube Delta.As i explained before it is in the UNESCO world heritage domains.A world of wonder and pleasurable sites.I will present today a recipe which come directly from the Danube itself , a fish soup.One of the many ,and when i mean many it is literally thousands of recipes,versions of it.For this recipe you will need :

-1kg of Sturgeon meat
-3-4 Potatoes
-1 Onion
-1 Carrot
-100g of Heavy Cream
-1 Egg
-1 Bunch of Dill
-About 2 Liters of Water
-1 Green Bell Pepper

Preparation:In a large cooking pot put the water together with the salt and pepper and let it begin to boil.In the meanwhile cut the potatoes,carrot,green bell pepper and onion into fairly large pieces.Also debone the sturgeon and cut the meat into 1 inch cubes.When the water begins to boil throw in the vegetables and let them simmer for about 5-7 minutes then add the fish chunks also.Let the fish and vegetable boil for about 15-20 minutes.In this time chop up the dill and also in a mixing bowl put the heavy cream with a cup of water and the cracked egg,mix it all together.After the 20 minutes have passed add the cream and egg mixture into the soup whisking constantly so it doesn't form clumps.At the end add the chopped dill and enjoy this delicious soup.

Tip: Server with "mamaliguta" and a hot pepper.Also this is best made on an open fire in a large cooking pot.

Wish you all the best.

Disclaimer:The picture was not taken by me,but by a friend who's name will not be disclosed at his own will.