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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Suffed grape leaves with a meat and rice combination ( Sarmalute in foi de vita )

The first recipe I am going to present is Stuffed grape leaves with a meat and rice combination.This recipe is of Greek influence and it was adopted by Romanians and tweaked to the regional ingredients available.for this recipe you will need :
-500gr of Ground Beef
-200g of Heavy Sour Cream
-100g of Rice
-50 ml of Sun Flower Oil(You can substitute this with a neutral tasting oil like Grape Seed Oil)
-100g Diced Onion
-50g of Plain Flour
-About 30 Grape Vine Leaves (You can get these canned)
-500ml of Tomato Juice
-1 bunch of Dill and 1 bunch of Parsley
-10g of Salt
-2g of Black Pepper
 -1 Red Bell Pepper

Preparation: First of all you need to soften the grape leaves by dipping them in boiling water and keeping them there for about 5 minutes or until the change their color.After this in a big bowl thoroughly mix the ground beef with the onion,half of the red bell pepper chopped,the rice and the chopped up dill.Season the mixture with salt and pepper and mix till it is homogenous .The next step is to take 1 boiled grape leaf ,put a table spoon of mixture in the middle of the leaf and roll it making sure to tuck in the ends while doing so.Repeat this process till all the grape leaves are filled with the mixture.Take a casserole dish and arrange the stuffed grape leaves in a circular fashion inside it,cut the remaining half of red bell pepper in slices and place them in the dish.Mix the tomato juice with the flour and the chopped up parsley ,season with salt and pepper and pour over the stuffed grape leaves.Slide the casserole dish in the oven for about an hour at 180 degrees Celsius.
After it's done serve a plate with 4-5 hot stuffed grape leaves drizzled with heavy sour cream and a bit of chopped parsley.

Enjoy your meal.I suggest a side dish of polenta and 1 hot pepper.

Tip:If you use the canned leaves remember they are salted in order to be preserved so boil them for 2 minutes in unsalted water then let them cool of before taking them out and using them.

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